C-Roll Reaches 100,000 Hits!

31 03 2008

Canadian Roll just hit a new milestone, we have recently reached 100, 000 hits. To be quite honest, when I first started I did not think I would ever have this many people pay attention to the website. However, having said that, I am very grateful so many people enjoy reading Canadian Roll every day and I am glad with all the positive response the website has been getting as of late. Lastly, I want to say thank you to everyone who has ever come on the website, especially all the Canadian rollers who are keeping the life style alive and giving me something to write about.

-Nick. D


Nimh Shima v.2

31 03 2008

The Rat-Tail blog recently updated with a better look at the second version of the Nimh Shima model. The skate is looking rather good with a black and red color scheme, with doubled stitched kevlar style material that gives the skate a nice overall look. I especially like the (fake) fur ontop of the liners, it is definitely an original touch, and looks comfortable. If you want to see all the pictures of the skate go HERE.

This complete skate features:
– doubled stitched Kevlar Style Material for added durability
– upgraded cuff system with expanded buckle protector
– available in half sizes starting at 8.5 through 13.4- newly designed extra comfortable Vicious liner
– high end Ground Control Formula One frames
– high velocity 608ZZ Abec 5 bearings
– Nimh 58mm/90a wheels.

-Nick. D

Canadian Roll News #315

31 03 2008

Hey Dude Issue 3 Out Soon


The Hey Dude website recently updated by telling its viewers that Hey Dude issue 3 will be out soon. What makes this release particularly special is that Toronto, Ontario has a section in the video to showcase all the talent in the city. The section was all shot by AJ DeLong, who also runs the Bladr website. So be sure to pick up a copy when Hey Dude 3 comes out and check out some great Canadian skating.

-Nick. D

More Rachard Johnson Hype

31 03 2008

New ad campaign by Phillip Forstner.

Photo of Rachard skating his new pro model by Jess Dyrenforth.


M1 Twenty to Life

USD Legacy 

Fruitbooter Section

All information taken from the Conference website.

-Nick. D

Barn Burner Results

31 03 2008

1-Brian Arigon
2-Alex Broskow
3-Erik Bailey

Best trick- Alex Broskow

Best Line- Erik Bailey

To see all the pictures of the event go to the TheM Goods website HERE.

-Nick. D

Canadian Roll News #314

28 03 2008

WOW #1

What exactly is WOW? You may be asking yourself. Well the answer is quite simple, it isn’t a video game that may take over your social life, but rather it stands for “Wedman outta Work.” It seems that Chris Wedman is out of work and shooting some great rolling photos. If you want to check out the full photo set go to the Disboard HERE.

**Correction: Richie just told me that I was COMPLETELY wrong with the whole “Wedman outta Work” explanation. What WOW is, is really the threat that Richie, armed with his new DSLR, will put Chris Wedman out of work. Yea, I was extremely wrong.**





-Nick. D

Canadian Roll News #313

28 03 2008

United We Roll Edit 

This is an edit that was created by Evan DeCosse and  Features rolling from Connor Smith, Ecan DeCosse, Dalton Desnoyers, Leon Basin, Shawn Adair, JustibnThis is basically a documentary edit showcasing a week of Vancouver rolling and other hijinks. It is definitely worth checking out and I really enjoyed it, so I hope you do to.

-Nick. D