New Rolling Revival Vidcast.

25 09 2007

According to Rolling Revival, this is the most special vidcast that they have ever posted up, and I must say, I agree. This edit is presented by the Roll Series, Roll Media Studio and is an official Brazillionaire production, and deals with the 2007 Windy City Riot. The production is really well done, it is one of the better edits I have ever seen, so I think people should really check it out. One important note is, the guys from Revival have said to spread this video as much as possible, so if you have a website, blog, or just want to add it to a media site, do it. As always, subscribe to Rolling Revival on Itunes, if you haven’t already, and also, subscribe to their Youtube page. To see the new vidcast main page go to THIS PAGE.


**Side Note: At the end of the edit there is also details on the up and coming Roll Series park circuit that will include Bittercold showdown, Superhick, Barn Burner, SDSF and more.**

-Nick. D




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25 09 2007

Thanks as ever bro.

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