Picture of New Ground Control Frame and New Razor Skate.

30 09 2007

The title says it all.


Larger image.

-Nick. D


AIL World Championship Info.

30 09 2007

The One Magazine website just posted up many pictures of the pre-party hosted by them. Be sure to stay updated on the One website for more information on the event, and see who walks away with the 10 grand. The original post with all the pictures can be found HERE.

**pictures taken from One Magazine website.**

-Nick. D

Gabriel Hyden Mini View on Valo.

30 09 2007

The Valo website just put up a Gabriel Hyden mini view. The pictures that go along with the mini view are amazing. So if you want to check it out go HERE.

**Picture taken from the Valo website.**

-Nick. D

Canadian Roll News # 207

30 09 2007

Collin White, from the Mobb crew, recently put up another one of his “Not So Weekly” edits. This time around we see some great skating, mixed with the fun aspect of rollerblading. It is definitely a relaxed edit, and I enjoyed watching it. The edit is below, but be sure to check out the Mobb website.


-Nick. D

More Info on NIMH Skates.

30 09 2007

If you check out NIMH’s myspace, HERE, you will notice a lot of new information has been posted. A video of Shima visiting the NIMH factory, which shows the production of the skate and also shima testing it. An interested point about the video, I believe Shima also shows the new Ground Control frame along with the skate, but I could be wrong.


Also, a few new pictures of the boot have been posted

and Last but not least, pictures of the real skate will be posted soon, as indicated on their blog entry, which can be read below, or you can go to the webpage HERE.

Shima back from China with final NIMH skates

Shima has come back from the Nimh Factory in China with a suitcase full of Nimh Skates. Expect final photos of the skates as well an edit of Shima’s trip to the factory within the next few days. Also if you will be at the AIL comp at Woodward you can see Shima skating them. Jon Elliott will be in attendance walking around with a pair of skates for you to check out.

-Nick. D

Canadian Roll News # 206

29 09 2007

Toronto Skate Battle Results.


1st – Mike David

2nd – Jon Craig

3rd – Rob Violante, AKA Rob the Rat

Best Trick- Simon Davis


1st- Roger Wilkinson

2nd – Jong Kim

3rd – Teppo Hapooja

Best Trick- Neil

Congratulation goes to everyone, Especially my fellow Dirty H brother Roger Wilkinson, making me proud.

-Nick. D

Canadian Roll News # 205

29 09 2007

Ottawa Edit.

The guys from Ottawa (and the Roll Ottawa messageboard) have put up another edit. The skating is rather good and I really enjoy the song. Edited by Curtis Diplock. If you want to check out the original post where this information was taken from go HERE.


-Nick. D