Canadian Roll News # 163

31 07 2007

Edit News

Shawn Adair just posted up an edit of a park session he had on July 21st. Shawn has great style and it only seems to be getting better, so check out the edit.


-Nick. D


Canadian Roll News # 162

30 07 2007

Pimp Cup Top 8 Qualifiers.

The List of the Top 8 rollers to compete in the Pimp Cup advanced competition are as follow (in no particular order).

Mike d
Jon C
jerry B
Serge D
Aaron M
Rob aka Rat

The list was posted on the VM- Messageboard by Darren Potts, the competition organizer. These top 8 have qualified for the Mid-West skate competition in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on August 4th. The post with the info can be found HERE.

-Nick. D

Canadian Roll News # 162

30 07 2007

Brand New Richie Eisler Undercover Wheel


Thats right, Richie just got another pro wheel from Undercover and this time it has a Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas theme. The wheels have a new compound that has been tested by Richie himself and they come in 57mm/90d. The only place I have seen these wheels sold so far is Skatepile, and can be seen HERE. If anyone running a Canadian shop sees this post, I highly suggest you sell these wheels, as the Richie anti-rockers were some of the best selling wheels last year, plus your supporting a Canadian roller.

**This information was given to me through E-mail by Patrick Fagan **

-Nick. D

Able Frames Tour

30 07 2007

Looks like Able frames is hosting a tour with its riders from July 30th to August 10th. It is an all American tour, hitting Reno, Salt Lake City, and Colorado. The tour itself will have faces such as Vinny Minton, Ivan Narez and Tory Treseder along with many others. Check out the Empir3 distribution website for more details.

-Nick. D

Canadian Roll News # 161

30 07 2007

More Visual Minority Updates

The Visual Minority blog ran by Will Pursell just posted up pictures of the Pimp Cup competition that went down this year. There are a lot of skating and life style shots that I think everyone should check out, especially people who attended. You can check out the VM blog HERE.

Here is a sample of the photos that Will took (Which I take no credit for, and are not exclusive to Canadian Roll).

-Nick. D

Valo Catalogue

28 07 2007


Valo just released their summer and winter line pictures in PDF format. The Catalogue features the all new Valo frames, wheels, clothing, and the EB.1 Maroon skates as well as the Jon Julio velcro skates. You can download the PDF catalogue HERE or just use the web page to browse the catalogue.


Canadian Roll News # 160

27 07 2007

Visual Minority Blog Updates


Will Pursell has updated the Visual Minority blog with photos from the Hamilton Skate Weekend, Thursday Night Skate at Iceland skatepark photos, and pictures from the Drunken Pirate Party. All the photo sets are amazing, as we have come to expect from Will. I highly suggest everyone checks out each one.

Here are some pictures taken from the Visual Minority blog.

H.S.W Event.

Thursday Night Iceland Session.

Drunken Pirate Party.

If you want to check out the rest go HERE.