Canadian Roll News # 141

29 06 2007


Well the add says it all, Shop-Task is offering its customers free shipping to any province on Canada day (July 1st). Once, again Shop-Task is coming through with another great deal that I hope people take advantage of. Stop by their website at to find out their selection.

-Nick. D


Canadian Roll News # 140

28 06 2007

Shop-Task Profile


Leon Basin, one of the owners of Shop-Task, has put up a shop profile on Youtube to explain to people why Shop-Task was created and what it is providing the rolling scene today. The profile is well made and provides a lot of information for people still wondering who Shop-Task is. Along with the explanation you also get to see some old and recent clips of Leon skating and laying down hammers, which is always exciting to watch. If you have subscribed to Task-TV, you already know that this video was created, but if you haven’t subscribed I suggest you do so, because Shop-Task tries to connect with their customers in many ways, media being one of them. So you can subscribe to Task-TV HERE, and watch the profile HERE.

On a personal note, I would like to let Shop-Task know that I respect what they are accomplishing in rolling today and the fact that they are trying to reach their customers on many different levels.

-Nick. D

More Tours

28 06 2007

The leaders in the rolling industry are pushing hard this year to get our life style on peoples radar. I have already posted up links to the Mountain Dew tour, but that is only the tip of the ice berg. When I stopped by the Empir3 distribution site I was struck with the Valo tour, which focuses on mainly European countries with all the Valo pro’s and guest Brandon Smith.

Then I dropped by The Conference website and saw yet another tour, with Canadian pro Richie Eisler as a guest rider. This Tour is called the Illusion Tour and has its own myspace page at . Needless to say, if you close to any one of these events and have a chance to participate and spread rolling around the globe, I suggest you take the opportunity given to you. I know this is mainly a Canadian Rolling site, but still spreading our life style around the world can only benefit the whole industry, including Canada, in the long run.

-Nick. D

Canadian Roll News # 139

27 06 2007

Another Day, Another Pop Contest Picture Post.

JD Caron from the D-Structure messageboard posted a Pop Contest picture post and an extensive write- up. The write- up is all in French so if you can understand French, or have a good translator, you can read the whole write-up. The picture post can be found HERE.

Also, Brandon Smith posted up the after party pictures of the event HERE.


Canadian Roll News # 138

25 06 2007


Brandon Smith just put up a short Popularity Contest edit on his website which people can check out HERE. More importantly, in the next Hyphy movie (Hyphy 4) the Pop Contest will have its very own section, so be sure to pick yourself up a copy if you want to see some good Canadian rolling.

**Editors Note: A short video has been posted on youtube of the winner of the Pop Contest,  Dustin “Alf” Werberski and can be found HERE.**

-Nick. D

Canadian Roll News # 137

24 06 2007

**Edit: The Winners of the Pop Contest are as follows.**

First Place: Dustin “Alf” Werbeski, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Second Place: Lil’ Sneaky. (I don’t know his real name), California?, United States of America
Third Place: Dallas “Dirty D” Kurtz, Calgary, ALBERTA!!!, Canada

Well the Popularity Contest was finished yesterday and there is already tons of media on the event. Brandon-Smith photography has put up a rather large picture set of the whole event that is definitely worth checking out with its many life style and skating photos. Here is a taste of some photos from the site, (which I take no credit for at all). You can check out all the photos HERE.

-Nick. D

Canadian Roll News # 136

23 06 2007

Well the day is here and the Popularity Contest is going down in Kamloops B.C. I hope everyone who could make it out to the event did and that everyone has a great time. What everyone is looking at here is the trophy for the Pop Contest that will be awarded to the winner. Respect goes out to the sponsors who made this event happen especially the SOL Crew guy and Leon from Shop-Task.