Alex Broskow on Valo

29 05 2007


Recently the Valo Website made the official announcement that Alex Broskow has joined the team, and has a full section in the We Are Valo 2 video. This should come as no surprise to anyone since Alex was on the Roces team just before they pulled out of the Rolling market, and Valo uses the same hard boot design for their skates. It is good to see Alex get a sponsor who is deeply involved with the rolling industry, because he is one of the most professional rollerbladers on the scene. I remember in past interviews Alex saying he liked Roces because they were so slim, this may mean that his pro-boot may be a slimmer then the traditional Roces, but that is all speculation.

Nick. D


Canadian Roll News # 128

28 05 2007

Thursday Night Pictures

Will Pursell of Visual Minority just posted up the pictures from the Thursday night session that was held at the Milton, Ontario Skate park on May 24th. Pursell’s pictures are always high quality and this photo set is no different. People should check out the Visual Minority blog if they want to see all the pictures.

**Picture taken from the VM-Blog and I in no way take any credit for it.**

Thursday Night Skate

More VM News 

Will Pursell has also made a small picture set and write up from the Bitter Cold Showdown.You can check that out on the VM-Magazine front page. The photo set and pictures from VM-Magazine have been mention on Rollernews so if you have the time make some comments about them HERE.


Canadian Roll News # 127

24 05 2007

Thursday Night Session Edit

Bladr just posted an edit of the Thursday Night Session that went down on May 16th, 2007. You can download the whole edit, but it is rather large so it may take a while, but is definitely worth it. I highly suggest everyone check it out. If you don’t want to wait, there is a youtube version that you can check out HERE. Much respect goes out to AJ DeLong for making such a great edit.

Nick. D

Canadian Roll News # 126

24 05 2007

Pimp Cup Date

The annual Toronto Pimp Cup has confirmed its 2007 date on the Roll Series website. The official date is July 21st 2007, which happens to be a Saturday. So start booking off your time right now. The Pimp Cup is a regional qualifier for the “Battle of the Wheeled Platypus, Shyup” competition, which takes places in Milwaukee Wisconsin in the United States on August 4th, 2007 and is a North American Continental qualifier.

Nick. D

Believe In One #5 Preview

23 05 2007


If you go by the ONE website you will see a preview for the next issue of their magazine, which outlines what readers have to look forward to.

*** Quote taken directly from the website.***

Hit the ground rolling this summer with the latest issue of ONE. Issue #5 features Franky Morales, Stephan Alfano, Barn Burner, Bakersfield, Wes Driver’s exclusive conversation with KRS-One, album reviews, kicks, the art of Jeremy Beightol, a look at the career of Jess D., Jeremy Spira Am Hour, and so much more. The next ONE is getting set to drop, stay turned for more details….

So if you haven’t picked up an issue of One Magazine yet, or haven’t subscribed you are missing a lot of great rolling media that I highly suggest you check out.

Canadian Roll News # 125

22 05 2007

Joey from SOL crew just posted up a section from their first video, “How To Be Unpopular” on youtube. If you have ever seen any SOL crew video you know the hijinks to expect, if you haven’t seen any of them check out this section, then go buy Better then Baseball. A direct link can be found to the video HERE. All information was taken from the Outaline messageboard and the post can be found HERE. Enjoy.

Nick. D

Victor Arias Join Valo

21 05 2007

Victor Joins Valo

Victor Arias just joined the Valo team, so if you have the time check out the team page to get more information on Arias and the rest of the team. You can check out his profile HERE.