Canadian Roll News # 112

30 04 2007

Alright Like I said Exams are done and it is skating time. Hope every endured winter long enough and is enjoying the rolling weather that is around now. So lets get to the news

Kyle Goss


Kyle Goss was just featured on the Bladr website for doing a stylish Truespin Mizou. The photo itself looks great, but the bigger story is that there seems to be another rollerblading website project in the works with Bladr. The  goal of the website is to give people a look into Toronto’s scene and what goes on there, but also offer a view into other rollerblading scenes. Although the creators aren’t sure what the website will turn into they seem to have passion for it and created a stylish website that everyone should check out. As for Canadian Roll, we will be offering a permanent link to the website on our links section.

**Picture taken from Bladr, I do not take any credit for it.**

Roll Ottawa

I am sure most of the Ottawa rollers know about this messageboard called Roll Ottawa, but if not I am informing people from around the area of it. It is a great place to set up sessions, talk about videos or post up edits, and even sell things. The messageboard looks legit and well organized. If you didn’t know about it, check it out HERE.

Edit News 

Fun edit posted up from Brendan (The same one who is involved in the May 12th competition in Ottawa, check out Canadian Roll News #111 for details) just posted up an edit on putfile. I had fun watching it and I think people should deffinetly check it out. It seems like Ottawa is blowing up, good for you guys keep pushing for rolling to get bigger and keep making edits.  you can download the edit HERE.

**Info on the edit is as follows  **

Location: Guelph, Ottawa/Hull
Song: African Walk, Madlib
Bladers: Brendan S, Joshua Stewart-Boyd



Canadian Roll News # 111

27 04 2007

Calgary Edit

If you drop by the Outaline messageboard you will see a member called Ghost posted up a long Calgary edit that was just created. You can check out the post HERE. The edit shows skating from summer of 2006 and it is entertaining to watch so check it out HERE.

Ottawa Competition: The Quest for the Holy Frames

I was reading the new posts on the VM-Messageboard and I came across a post that was asking for Richie Eisler pro-frames (which everyone should be picking up) that were to be a prize at a Ottawa competition called Reid Park Bladetacular Flossathon. The date is set for May 12th and if it rains May 13th, so if you live in the Ottawa area go to the competition. For more information go on the VM-Messageboard and make a post for “Brendan” to read.

**I just got the competition information the prizes are as follows.**

First Prize: Richie’s frames

Second: set of four Mindgame Chris Farmer Wheels

Third: Choice of video or t-shirt to be determined later

Best Line: ditto


New Aragon Wheel

19 04 2007


New Brian Aragon pro wheel from M1. The wheel is supposed to hit shops in about a week and features charcoal grey urethane.

**Pictures Taken from the One Magazine website.**

Canadian Roll News # 110

17 04 2007

Tommy Chung Van City Edit

If you go buy the Shop-Task messageboard you will see that Tommy Chung recently made a post that features an edit of himself. The skating in the edit is amazing and I highly suggest people check it out. Much respect goes out to Tommy and I hope to see more edits. You can see the post HERE, or go directly to the youtube video HERE.


Canadian Roll News # 109

16 04 2007

Richie Eisler Pro Frame Edit


I hope while I write this people are rolling on Richie Eisler’s pro Kizer Frame. I have been promoting this frame since I got news that it would be released and I think it is a big step forward for Canadian rolling and Richie to be recognized. Anyway, The Conference just put up an edit Richie made called Sweet 16, which shows the Dick doing every variation of the 360 soul, which equals out to 16 tricks…If that wasn’t enough he is just getting over a broken ankle. Anyway the edit is amazing check it out HERE and then go buy the frame.


Canadian Roll News # 108

10 04 2007



What is everyone doing April 22nd 2007? Well your answer should be, going to the Be-Mag DVD premier in Toronto.  This is just a reminder that the awesome guys over at VM-Magazine are putting on a premier of the Be-Mag DVD entitled, “Featuring the World”. Here are the details for the event (taken directly from VM-Magazine)

when: April 22, 2007
time: 6pm till whenever
where: Grace O’Malley’s – 14 Duncan Street, Toronto map
who: anyone and everyone. bring all your friends, and tell everyone you meet.

Now everyone has the information, go out on the 22nd and enjoy yourselves. If you have no clue what this DVD is about, check out the trailers on Be-Mag from this direct link. The guys at VM will be selling the DVD for $ 20 dollars each so pick yourself up a copy and support the industry. Also, the place that is hosting the event, Grace O’Malley’s, is letting you in for FREE and they put on the last VM event (Accidental Machines, Barely Dead) for FREE as well so bring some extra money to show the owners your patronage and appreciation. I believe Richie Eisler is in the DVD with a full section, as well as a absurd amount of other pros like Jeff Stockwell, Brian Aragon, Alex Broskow etc etc…



10 04 2007

Its that time of year again… I have finals at the moment so that means slower updates. Just giving everyone a heads up. After the 25th everything will be back to normal, until then go out and roll.