Canadian Roll News # 85

31 01 2007

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Yet another video having to do with the Mini Gong show appears on the Outaline messageboard, this time created and posted by Randy.There is not much more I can say, oh wait, it is awesome. check out the direct link HERE or check out the post on Outaline HERE.



“Canadians are very fair, nice, friendly people… ”

Rolling Revival recently said some words about Canadian rolling on thier 34th podcast. If you check out the 27th minute and 45th second of the show, you will hear them talking about the Montreal TV show that was featured on the Visual Minority community page. Also, they talk about the Sol Crew extra edit that was recently put up on Youtube (you can find the link on Canadian Roll)



Canadian Roll News # 84

30 01 2007

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The Mini Gong Show just went down last weekend in celebration of Garett MacGillivray’s leaving to Australia for an extended period of time. Many people went to Edmonton for the crazy times that are expected to be had when someone announces a Gong Show and although mini was in the title I have been assured that they partied just as hard as the normal Gong Show. If you want proof or just want to see great skating, Dustin from the Outaline messageboard posted up a great edit of the whole event. If you want to see the Dustin’s original post you can go HERE, if you would like to see the edit go HERE.


Canadian Roll News # 83

30 01 2007


If you go by the Empir3 Distribution website and look under their “news” section you will see that the D-Structure international web-shop is close to launching. What this means is that the products will be constantly up to date and I’m more than sure will be competitively priced. This is great news for Canadians because if you do not live in Montreal, where D-Structure is located, you now don’t have to call to see what they have.


Canadian Roll News # 82

30 01 2007

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Sean Adair from Vancouver, Canada just put an edit up on youtube. The edit itself is packed full of hammers mixed with some great style. This edit is an amazing representation at rolling at its finest, I highly suggest people check out the edit. If you would like to see the Be-Mag thread where Sean originally posted the link go HERE. If you would like the direct link to the edit go HERE.


Canadian Roll News # 81

29 01 2007


The new Universal Skate Design website just went up today which is big new within itself, but what makes this even better is that fellow Canadian Garett MacGillivray who is the web master and web designer and receives recognition on The Conference’s main webpage. The site itself looks professional, is easy to navigate and is an overall vast improvement form the last USD website. Much respect goes out to Garett for making web content that is easily available to all the rollers, keep up the great work.

On the website you will have downloads (Avatars, with edits soon to come), a closer look at the team riders, the history of USD (which is really interesting), a closer look at the different models of skates and of course a pictures gallery.

**There are skates on the website that I have never seen before, they seem new to me, I could be wrong. Needless to say they look pretty good, heres a sample.**



Canadian Roll News # 80

24 01 2007

If you frequent Roller News like I do, you will see that Joey from Sol Crew posted up an extra edit of Better Than Baseball. If you’ve seen the video you know the skating is pure quality. The edit speaks for itself, check it out HERE. or just visit theĀ  Roller News front page.


Canadian Roll News # 79

23 01 2007




Rolling has recently been featured on a Montreal TV show called Tribal and it is not what you expect, a few short clips of rolling covered up by numerous skateboarding and BMX clips, instead it is a whole episode dedicated to rolling featuring Pepe (Pierre-Philippe Loiselle) and Dan from D-Structure. It features rolling in a positive manner and from what I hear does not bring up the usual narrow minded remarks other forms of media have in the past. The show is completely in french, so if you understand french you are in luck if you do not then just enjoy the skating. It is great to see rolling get some positive exposure. A personal thank you goes out to everyone in Montreal that made this possible. The video can be found HERE.

**This information was originally found in the Visual Minority community page**