Canadian Roll News # 56

29 11 2006

Edit News

The guys in Mobb have recently posted up an old school 2003 edit. The skating is top notch and it seems Mobb was hitting tricks I’m still having trouble with today. So check out the Mobblog HERE to see the edit or go strait to youtube HERE.

The new Visual Minority website just posted up an Ian Grindall clip of the week. It is a crazy drop rail and the footage is hot so check that out HERE and don’t forget to look around the VM website.

Website New


The Visual Minority website has recently posted up pictures of the Barely Dead premier in Toronto. The pictures are great and from what I hear really capture the event. Also on the website you can check out Duncan Hurd’s opinion on the Barely Dead review.


Canadian Roll News # 55

25 11 2006

Visual Minority


This issue of news has everything to do with VM-Magazine and how they are promoting skating here in Canada. First off I’d like to thank Visual Minority and everyone who is involved with it for trying to support Canadian skating, you putting the time in and it doesn’t go unnoticed.

New Website

Recently VM put up a website with the sole purpose of uniting Canadian skaters. It has event listings, videos, information everything you need to be in the loop of what is going on so check that out at

Edit/ Video

If you go the VM-TV portion of the new website you will notice two new video’s up. One giving details about the Barely Dead and Accidental Machines premier that occurred, and the other a Mobb crew edit. Both are definitely great to watch, so if you have a minute check out the Barely Dead wrap up HERE and the Mobb crew edit HERE.


Canadian Roll News # 54

24 11 2006

Edit News


Call me biased, but when I saw an edit with Sean Knight, John Craig and Brian Mccutcheon skating my home town of Hamilton, Ontario and destroying spots that I pass by everyday I get a bit excited. Then when I hear kids saying “Wow Hamilton has hammers” or “looks fun to skate” or even better “I’ll have to skate that” it makes my day. So check out the edit HERE. and the post on VM-Magazine’s message board HERE.


Canadian Roll News # 53

20 11 2006

Kizer Edit

If you go over to the Kizer website and check out the clips section you will see a Richie Eisler left over section. The skating is what we have come to expect from Richie, flawless. So check it out HERE.


Canadian Roll News # 52

19 11 2006


Recently rolling has been recognized by the Torontoist news website. The article relates to the two rolling movies, Barely Dead and Accidental Machines, showing in Toronto this Sunday November the 19th. It is good to see some spotlight being shed on our culture and it is even better that VM-Magazine is heading the whole project. Socheck the article out HERE.

Skate Buttons


We all know rolling doesn’t get a lot of money, we also know people who make rolling videos get even less. That is why AJ DeLong has created the button you see above to support Doug Urquhart’s new film Barely Dead. The premier in Toronto will be the first time people lay eyes on one of the most important movies in our history, so to show support buy a button for $ 2 dollars. If you need any more inspiration to get a button AJ says that it will make you more friends, who can turn that down?


Quick Update

18 11 2006

Mike David Has recently been posted on You can view that entry by clicking anywhere on this text.

Canadian Roll News # 51

14 11 2006

Mobblog Update

It seems the GTA’s (Greater Toronto Area) most rowdiest crew has recieved a new addition, Rob the Ratt as he is graciously called, has joined Mobb crew. Along with this news we also get a picture post of Mobb antics, some of which are quite funny. Mobb has been rolling the GTA for ages, so check out what they have to say at

Picture of Rob