Canadian Roll News # 40

29 09 2006


If you go to the ONE magazine website you will be able to download the second chapter of the first magazine as a PDF file, that alone is news worthy, but this is CANADIAN ROLL and you know I love me my Canadian skating, so what made this second chapter so amazing was a Better Than Baseball review done by Justin Eisinger. It seems with the introduction of ONE the SOL crew, and more important Canada is getting the recognition they deserve, and in all honesty I could not think of a better skate video to do this. When I saw Better Than Baseball I witnessed a visual symphony that I believe everyone should experience. My favorite quotes from the article would have to be “Better Than Baseball” is sure to bring the often misinterpreted Canadian scene some much-needed but possibly confused attention.” And, “…these guys skate like they stared at reruns of Pee Wee’s Playhouse too long after eating a bowl of Lucky Charms laced with LSD.” I couldn’t have put it better myself. So go check out the Chapter 2 of the first ONE magazine and feel proud to be a Canadian skater, because we kick ass, EH!.

Video News

Recently clips from the Shop-Task Ontario video involving a bum giving skate lessons to some Greater Toronto Skaters, has been posted on Youtube. These clips seem to be getting a lot of play on Youtube, as well as a lot of hits on Rollernews and I believe I saw a Be-Mag thread about them. It is great to see a great DVD get recognition. So if you haven’t gotten a copy of Shop-Task Ontario E-mail and go buy a copy, it will be money well spent. You can check out the clips HERE and HERE.

Recently Jon Craig has posted an edit on VM-Magazine messageboard, which he called Skaters of the GTA on Youtube. I personally think the skating is amazing and a good representation of the Greater Toronto Area, so a big thank you goes out to Jon for spending time creating the edit and giving us something to watch that is truly Canadian. You can check out the post HERE and the video HERE.

Matt G. from the Outaline messageboard has recently posted a Skatepark clips from Penticton and Ben Lee park, which shows innovative skating of the park. I think it is a great series of clips that everyone should check out on Youtube. So you can see the post HERE and the video HERE.

Rumor News

Usually rumors don’t make news, or at least not very good news, but recently some really great hints have been dropped. Firstly Garett aka “Blader” has made hints at a brand new frame from kizer that supports people who ride flat and anti-rocker. You can check out there posts on the Outaline messageboard HERE and HERE. Since Garett has been working on redoing the Kizer website, his word is as good as gold to me that these things are real, in fact even if he didn’t work on the website his word would be as good as gold.

Lately, if you have gone to the VM-Messageboard you would notice posts saying “Project Black is coming”, what project black is, I have no clue, but it seems alot of the GTA figure heads know whats going on and it is going to be big, so keep your eye on that. Check out the Project Black website HERE.


Canadian Roll News # 39

27 09 2006

My good friend Brian Lofgren has recently made an edit with the footage we shot at the Pimp Cup. I think he did a great job on it, especially with my shoty camera work. I want to thank him for the time and effort he put in. The man has contributed a lot to rolling, to the point where he was one of the inspirations to start this site. So download the edit HERE. Its a compressed file, so don’t forget to decompress it, and enjoy.

You can also check out the clips Brian posted up on Youtube HERE. You can also check out the edit Brian made, through Youtube HERE. Thanks goes out to Trevor for putting it on Youtube for me.


Canadian Roll News # 38

25 09 2006


***Check out the winning trick clip, caught on film by Trevor, HERE***

The Pimp Cup went down on Sunday the 24th in London, Ontario and although the weather was sub-par it didn’t seem to phase the skaters at all, as some of the craziest tricks, on the craziest obstacles went down that day. The three spot, one hour each format had to be thrown out the window because of the imminent on and off again rain, so the two spots that were chosen were Byron Southwood public school and Saunders high school. The Woodland Heights public school was not used, but it certainly didn’t take away from the competition at all.

The competition started around 1:45 and there were no amateurs that entered, which lead to an all expert contest. The first spot Byron Southwood Public School consisted of many bike racks lined up. The warm up session was a good indication on the crazy tricks that went down that day. Here are some pictures to give an indication how things went down.



We than Traveled to Saunders high school, where there was huge stair rails and crazy, heavily waxed ledges, one of which had a 20 foot drop on the other side. The spot was a tough one, and definitely brought out the experts. Paul Mitchell would destroy the spot landing all sorts of crazy tricks including the kind grind of death. When most people were scared of even looking down to the killer drop, Paul began to dominate. Jon Craig threw down some crazy hammers on the rails, Ricky would do the same and kill the spot.


A big thank you goes out to Darren Potts for putting on the event. It was well organized, especially with the rain and the constant moving of other people around London. Also, I would like to stress that all the skaters skated amazing and really inspired myself and I hope other to go out and skate harder. There is a rumor that Darren will be holding another event in the Spring so keep you eye out for that. Lastly keep check VM-Magazine for any updates, as I’m sure the pictures that were taken for VM will put mine to shame, and keep an eye out for a Canadian Roll edit of the event.


1. Paul Mitchell

2. Jon Craig

3. Ricky

4.Mike David
Thanks goes out to Agnes for taking pictures, Roger for driving and putting up with alot of crap, Steve Chapple for being a funny guy and taking some great pictures and video, B for just being there and making the event fun, Trevor for being the man and hooking me up with some great photosShop-Task for helping sponsor the event as well as D-Structure.


Canadian Roll News # 37

23 09 2006

Edit News

Jon Criag from Ontario has recently posted a few skate clips on Youtube, If you know Jon you know the skating is amazing, if you dont know Jon, here is a chance to see one of the best Ontario has to offer. You can check out the clips HERE.

The “We Do Rails” edit coming out of Regina showcases Shaun Unwin, Alf Werbeski and Devon Hanofsk destroying a rail in ways you can’t even imagine. So go to D-Structure and check the edit out HERE.


Believe In One

22 09 2006

Recently One Magazine  has released the first chapter (there are 4 chapter within each issue) in PDF format of the first issue.  You can downlaod the PDF format from the main page of the Believe In One website. Also on the webstore which is on the website you can subscribe for the first issue, which of course will be free. So go get yourself some free skating stuff, everyone loves free stuff.


Canadian Roll News # 36

20 09 2006

Contest News


Information for the upcomming Pimp Cup has just been posted on the VM-Magazine website. All the information can be found on the flyer above, a car ride and transportation would be ideal for the next Pimp Cup so if you don’t have a ride it is highly suggested that you find one. It looks like it will be a big event with many of Ontario’s finest skaters comming out and laying down hammers, so make your way down to London, Ontario on the 24th to check out some amazing skating.

Shameless Promotion

I have been recognized on Rolling Revival 24 for winning the Undercover wheels contest, you can catch it on the 53rd minute of the show, they kind of got my name right so it was cool they tried to pronounce it correctly. Winning free stuff is cool, I’ll be sure to share the karma, I may even put the wheels up for a contest or use it for a good deed of the month.


Brooke Howard-Smith

18 09 2006

The One magazine has recently posted up an audio interview with Brooke Howard-Smith. Brooke has been around before rolling blew up in 96 and was deeply involved with the original Senate with Arlo. This interview is a must hear, you get to hear alot about the history of rolling, you get to hear about Arlo landing his first soul grind and fast-slides, Brooke landing the first royales, that should be enough reason alone to listen to this interview. Also the other points that he discusses within the audio interview are very insightful, unique and shed light on how rolling was back in the day and the direction it is heading in now. Check out Brooke Howard-Smith’s interview HERE.