Canadian Roll News #7

30 07 2006

Contest News

The Popularity Contest Which is scheduled to be held August 5th 2006 at McArthur Island Skatepark at 1Pm . Has recently made some news within the Kamloops Daily News, they ran an article on July the 26th which interviewed Todd McInerney (The co-coordinator of the Popularity contest) and his thoughts on the Rolling Scene nation wide. He goes on to explain that people think of rolling as if we were stuck 10 years in the past, with goofy looking clothes and being generally “not cool”. Which is why he is trying to bring rolling into the spotlight through events like the Popularity contest. Much respect goes out to Todd for what he is doing for Canadian rolling.

Origins of the article can be found on the Outaline messageboard posted by Solitoddity HERE.

comp-3.jpg One of the Spots for the New Brunswick Comp
Rumors are floating around the VM-Magazine messageboard. That a contest will be going down in New Brunswick on August the 26th. You can find the pro spot photo’s HERE. I will be sure to get full coverage of this event, and give it a full article when more information becomes available to me through a source.

***Flickr pics HERE ***



Formal Apology

30 07 2006

Consider this a formal apology to any store owner I may have offended by posting recent arrivals and different products from each store. I did not take into consideration that it may be disrespectful to anyone in anyway. I have recently removed the outaline recent arrivals upon the request of Tony from Outaline and will do so upon the request of ANY store owner. I apologize to Danny from D-Structure if I may have offended him in any way as well.

For the people who read this Blog to stay up to date with the latest gear from each shop, all I can say is check their websites and I’m sure they would be glad to help you get their merchandise in your hands.


Canadian Roll News #6

29 07 2006

coreygap.jpg As seen on the Main page of the T4 site
The Treacherous four site has recently posted up the Colony video, which was created in 2000. Also on their site you can find the long lost Outaline team Video from 2001, which is a great piece of Canadian skating to have on your hard drive. Also among the videos you can see footage that didn’t make it in Battle My Crew Canada video that came out. All Canadian rolling gems which should be valued. So check out the video page HERE. Not only that but you can view pictures from The White Trash Bash. Check those out HERE.

***NOTE all this information taken from So support T4 and check their site out***

****NOTE 2: I Have recently aquired a Flickr account, because I have realized the picture quality is not amazing on this site. So at the bottem of every article I will have my Flickr account link so you can see the better quality photo’s. ****

Canadian Roll News #5

29 07 2006


Searching the Internet for Canadian skating edits has made me grow weary, but my loss of sleep is your benefit. I’ve found some great edits from are boys down at D-Structure. It seems the boys have been “smelling pussy”  with this one while they destroy their local park. Check it out HERE.

Then they posted up the Epic Skatepark edit, which features Dallas Kurtz, Dustin Werbeski, Richie Eisler, Devon Hanofski, Dale Phillips and Dan Varin all timed to Choclair’s “Rocket in my Pocket” how can this possibly be bad. Check it out HERE.

I believe I talked about Who’s Gay Now in my first entry, a video that seems to be coming out of Montreal Canada. I have recently located the trailer on the D-Structure Zine, and It’s amazing, edit by “Alf” and chalked full of Canadian skating goodness. Check that out HERE, it may take a while to load so don’t be in any hurry.

Then Richie asked me about what I knew about switch and regular, well sir I know you do them both better than I. So go see Richie skating to near perfection, if not perfection it self HERE.

Old school D-Town is represented by Duncan from an edit he made in 04. This was posted by Shwing on the Outaline messageboard. It has great skating, whether it be back in the day or not. Check that out HERE.

Shawn… Off of the Outaline message board posted MANY edits from van town which shows not only great skating but great editing as well. There are quite a few to watch, but all are worth your time. Check all those out HERE.

Vancity is holden it down again with Nathan’s edit which shows some very smooth skating. Once again this was found off outaline messageboard. Check it out HERE.

As always check out Visual Minority they always have the sick edits up that showcase great Canadian skating. much respect goes out to them.

***Note I will continue to search for edits, but for now just enjoy the great Canadian skating.***



29 07 2006

ISPO 2006 in Munich has seen many new ideas coming from the skate companies this year. Whether it be the V-cut on the new USD Dominic Sagona’s to the Air pump system within the Sifika liners.

060724_sifika_ds_liner_3.jpgAir pump liners 060724_usd_sagona_cuff_small.jpgSagona V-cut

Even with all this new innovation we still see the classics shining through. Roces has introduced new colours to their classic and popular M12 boots, with the Italian champion boot and the inverted Oli Shorts.


Deshi introducing the Bloody Mary team boot, that will have the same piece of plastic that can go into the zippered up cuff, with a newly designed Sifika liner to match.


Valo is hitting us hard with new designs from the Erik Baily 1’s that will have a distressed leather look, with a resemblance to the old school Converse high-tops. It will come in a classic white or black boot. Also Valo didn’t forget about it’s T.V 1 design by introducing “real fake elephant skin” as Jon Julio puts it, and a plaid liner that seems to take some pointers from the Oli Short liners found in Roces .

060717_valo_jj_02.jpgValo T.V 1 gallery_335_valo_01.jpgE.B 1

In rather large news it would appear USD have bought out the classic Fila Krust-y skate mold and have used it for Realm design. What they seem to be going for is a slim boot design for a cheap price, a very Roces-esque move on their part, but one that could be profitable.

060724_usd_realm_skate_small.jpgRealm compared TO…krusty.jpg

***NOTE: All Pictures taken from or, I’m and not trying to pass these picture off as my own, just simply trying to bring some news****


Hot Deals and Hard Finds on D-Structure

29 07 2006

If your shoes are looking a little old and raggedy and you need some new ones, D-Structure has some great deals on Sifika shoes in there hot deals section, most selling for 40 dollars before tax. So instead of supporting some skateboard company and buying their shoe, support D-Structure and Sifika and keep the cash in the Industry it belongs.

Also at D-Structure you can pick yourself up a pair of Oli Short pro-model Roces for 225 before tax. The sizes are limited to 10 and 12, but this skate isn’t offered in any other Canadian shop website. If your looking for Roces in full-boot models the 25th anniversary skate is also offered for 270 before tax. Sizes come in 8,9,10,11,12 so Chances are good you will find the size you need. You can find both skates HERE.

Valo boots are becoming quickly popular, but not a lot of Canadian sites carry them. Besides Outaline’s TV 1.4’s in green. D-structure once again comes to the rescue in that department. You can find the Jon Julio Beiges in sizes 9 and 12 for 330 before tax. The JJ Blacks seem to be going quickly as only size 12 remains in the boot only option for 330 before tax. If you’re looking for a full set-up for the JJ Blacks you have a bigger selection in sizing with 8.5,9,9.5,10.5 and 11’s in stock. Full Valo setups retail for 375 before tax. The T.V 1’s also retail for 375 before tax, with sizes 8,9,10,11,12 still available in stock. All skates can be found HERE.

I know, around Ontario new sets of large wide bodies for Salomon skate have been a rare commodity to come by, but once again D-structure has the hook up. The B-Cam and Rob Thompson plates are still available in large sizes. You can see those HERE and they retail for 45 dollars before tax.

Lastly Eulogy wheels are considered some of the best in the industry, but it seems not a lot of shops carry them. D-Structure put an end to those problems by offering the Coldberg and Schrijn pro wheels for 40 dollars before tax for 4. Fair prices for amazing wheels. Find those deals HERE.

***NOTE: Most shops can order you everything posted here, I chose D-structure because I found that they had these hard to find products on hand and ready to order. I will focus on other shops later on in “Shop News” and none will be excluded or forgotten****

****Note 2: All Images are taken from D-Structure, and I am in no way trying to steal these images and claim them as my own****


Roller News #4

28 07 2006

Mathieu Ledoux

portrait.jpg rollerball.jpg

I’ve done some searching through the internet to find what Canada’s big names in rolling have been up to, and I came across this little piece of information I’d love to share with everyone. Our very own Mathieu Ledoux has probably been in a couple of movies that you’ve seen and you havent even realized it, he’s even been helping the circus. He was a stuntman in Rollerball, fought Tarzan in Tarzan and Jane, and was a party “Dude” in the Ice Princess 2, he even helped co-ordinate stunts for Cirque Du Soleil. He works with Fast-Motion Stunts, who seem to be sponsored by Rollerblade, so check out the site, to see what what Mathieu has been up to when he’s not amazing us with his trick vocabulary.

Also while on the site I found a very strange advertisement for our very own D-structure shop, which involves mainly parkou and not a single trick involving skating in anyway. Check that out here.