Say What You Want About Him, Alfano is Good.

27 09 2009

Flatspin to AO soul. Yea, you read that right.

-Nick. D



11 09 2009


That’s right, the second skatepark tour is set for tomorrow, Saturday, September 12, 2009. The details are still sketchy at this time. We will most likely be starting at the Hamilton Skatepark around 8:00am. We will then make stops at Milton, Mississauga’s Iceland, Brampton and St. Catherine’s skate parks. We may also be stopping at Waterdown, Ash Bridges and Grimsby parks if time permits. Watch this space for more information. You can also follow us on Twitter under waxup_allstar or on

This is an open invite to everyone to come along for the whole tour or just session with us at any of the above parks.

If you would like to meet up with us, you can call 905.929.4709 throughout the day to find out where we are.

We hope to meet up with alot of rollers.


Dan Davidson-Pilon Skate Dreams Event!

7 09 2009

flyer_doc_rollerblade copy!!!!

The flyer really says it all. For the record, I REALLY, REALLY support this event, or you wouldn’t be seeing this flyer on here. I think the use of helmets is something that rolling really needs to look into. You will be hearing more about this subject a little later on in the week…with a few special guests thoughts on the matter as well.

-Nick. D

Damien Wilson 90 Second Edit

7 09 2009

Damien Wilson is really throwing down some really creative tricks in this Revolution Skate shop edit. Check it out HERE!

Picture 4

The Faces of Rollerblading

21 08 2009

One of the biggest parts of rollerblading for almost anyone who really loves it, is getting clips, and pics. Ever since i was a young little tyke roller at the tender age of 15, it was all about the clips. Sure skating was always fun and exciting, but when you landed that one trick you’d been trying forever on camera, it was always extra awesome. You could now “prove” to your friends and relatives how sick of a skater you were truly becoming. Sometimes however the best pics, with the perfect angle, and the perfect lighting, taken at the perfect second in time to make the trick look SUPER AWESOME!!!!!, can be ruined by…….YOUR FACE!!

Here are some examples of such pictures and some extras just for shits and giggles. Enjoy.

-roger wilkinson


OH SHIT, i hope i lock this!!!!









 Release the EVIL!!!



         I AM A FUCKING GOD!!!!!!!






The smooth, the hungover, and the nerdy. You decide who’s who. 

Skaters: Roger Wilkinson, Nick D’amico, Curtis Diplock, Tim ? Dan Doidge

Photos by Katie Demetrious


New Kids on the Block Contest Pushed Back

13 08 2009

As usually occurs in life, things got complicated and we have been forced to push back the date of the contest to later in August. I really don’t like that this had to happen, and to anyone who had their hopes up, I apologize. I know this looks rather unprofessional. However, the contest will go on and we will fulfill our end of the deal. Right now it is looking like the last two weeks in August will be the final date and a winner will be announced before that.

Isaac Golle Telling It How It Is

7 08 2009

I know Isaac through Roger Wilkinson and through going up to Muskoka Woods to roll. I always thought he was a creative guy (particularly behind a video camera) with a lot of good ideas and a shit ton of energy to carry out these ideas. I like that about him. Anyway, I recently got bored and decided to go through his youtube videos, and there is one in particular that stood out. The video posted above pretty much states how Isaac feels when skateboarders confront him about rollerblading. I have to say, he handles the situation flawlessly!

While your checking out the video be sure to subscribe to his youtube page, and while your at it subscribe to his production company (Flying Moose Studios) page as well HERE.

On a personal note, Isaac, if you read this, I like the guido you wear on the show.

-Nick. D